Deer Hunts in Montana are GREAT! You can hunt either Mule Deer or Whitetail Deer, the choice is yours. Your license is for one buck only, your choice. When hunting Mule Deer you will hunt the high country and open plains. The Whitetail are hunted along river bottoms. In Montana you can apply for Elk/Deer combination license. These licenses are a lottery draw this year, however the draw percentage is expected to be extremely high.

Eric - 2014 - Whitetail Deer

Vernon - 2014 - Mule Deer

Andy - 2014 - Mule Deer

Art G - 2014 - Mule Deer

Paul H - 2014 - Mule Deer

Doug F. - 2014 - Mule Deer

Steve. S - 2014 - Mule Deer

Shawn - 2014 - Whitetail Deer

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