Hunting in Montana for the majestic Rocky Mountain Elk is one of the most exciting hunts you may ever do. For many hunters, it is the HUNT of a LIFE TIME!

The area we hunt in Montana has one of the highest elk population in the state. In our area with proper license you can take two elk (1 Bull & 1 Cow or 2 Cows)

Our elk hunts are done on EXCLUSIVE PRIVATE LAND leases. We operate out of our base camp and access the hunting areas by 4X4 trucks. The hunting is done by Spot and Stalk Method and is Fair Chase. The elevation we hunt is between 5,000 & 6,000 feet.

Most of our hunting area is state restricted to Brow-Tine bulls only. Spikes and immature bull are never harvested. This assures us a good cow/bull ratio, with a high member of quality bulls.

Harold - 2016 - Rifle Elk Hunt

Elam - 2016 - Rifle Elk Hunt

Jerry - 2015 - Rifle Elk Hunt

Ron - 2015 - Rifle Elk Hunt

Steve N. - 2014 - Elk

Doc - 2014 - Elk

Dave - 2014 - Elk

Shawn - 2014 - Elk

Rifle Elk

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